Donald Trump for President 2020 Best Sellers Collectors Set


Trump 2020 Collector’s Set – Best Value for the 12 Best Sellers!

Only $16.97 versus $35.64 if you bought them individually!

These 12 buttons are some of the top Trump 2020 sellers all in one set. Buttons include from top left the signature gold Re-Elect Donald Trump for President 2020, Thumbs up 2020 Donald Trump, a beautiful white For President Donald Trump 2020 with Trump smiling, Keep America Great Trump 2020 blue button, Protecting American Rights Trump 2020 For President, a red reelect Trump for President 2020 button, pink Woman for Trump campaign button with a red heart in the word women, Red, Keep American Great Again, pink and white Women for Trump button, Red, white, and blue Keep American Great Again 2020, Promises Made Promised Kept, and a very nice white Protecting American Rights Trump 2020 For President campaign button.


All buttons measure 2,25 brand new, made with the highest quality materials and 100% Made and assembled in the USA.
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